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      Expertise. Quick but thorough service. Seventeen years working in the bicycle industry will provide quality service & customer satisfaction.

Smokey's Mobile Bicycle Repair, also known as Smokey’s MBR for short, is a mobile bicycle repair shop dedicated to serving Knox county and its surrounding counties.


Owner, Shannon Broyles, is committed to providing fast, friendly, and quality service. Shannon’s love for bicycles and bicycle repairs started when he was just a kid, as he worked on bicycles with his uncle. Now that he’s older, Shannon’s love of bicycles drove him to open his own mobile bicycle repair shop in Knoxville. Because Smokey’s bicycle repair shop is mobile, customers don’t have to worry about scheduling the extra time it takes to take your bike to a shop and then return to pick it up. The flexibility of a mobile shop also means customers can expect a quicker turnaround time on their bike repairs. Smokey's Mobile Bicycle Repair is licensed and insured with over 17 years of experience.


If you have a problem with your bike that needs fixing, Smokey’s Mobile Bicycle Repair would love to be the one to fix it for you. Here on our site, you can view our lists of products and services, as well as our pricing. You can call or email us, or fill out our appointment form online. We look forward to hearing from you.


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